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L’éclairage de l’aéroport de Beijing devrait être terminée bientôt!


Beijing capital airport - LED lighting -Rayonled - terminal

Rayonled is currently working very hard to illuminate the world’s largest airport: Beijing Capital airport. In December 2013, Rayonled was chosen to be the official partner for the complete lighting projects at Beijing Capital Airport. This is one of the largest LED lighting projects within the Chinese and even the world aviation industry that will definitely lead the new wave of greener energy and greener lighting!

beijing-capital-airport-led-lightingThe Beijing capital airport is the largest airport in the world with three terminals, three runways and two towers running simultaneously. Yearly, 100 million travellers and around 2000 flights pass through Beijing capital airport. Illuminating such a large construction consumes huge amounts of energy and costs a lot to maintain. With the help of the Rayonled LED lighting solution, Beijing capital airport is now able to redirect up to 70% of their previous lighting energy expenses and 100% of their maintenance cost towards better ends. Beijing Capital airport is becoming one of the world greenest airports!

This project is expected to be complete by the end of March 2014 and will feature several Rayonled products such as the LED T8C retrofit tube, LED streetlight and LED downlight. We gladly invite everyone to experience the Rayonled LED lighting quality when visiting Beijing capital in the future.